Way back in 1993, Nintendo released a spaceship combat game possibly aimed at the then-lesser-known furry demographic called Star Fox. Notably, it was one of the first console games with 3D polygon graphics. It looked like crap—but amazing, never-before-seen, graphics-of-the-future crap.

Nintendo’s getting ready to release a new game in the series, dubbed Star Fox Zero, but you can still get a taste of Super Nintendo Entertainment System nostalgia when you fire it up on the Wii U, thanks to the ability to play as the ridiculous-looking 1993 version of the series’ fighter craft, the “arwing.”

The old-school arwing is available if you get the Star Fox amiibo toy and scan it into the game, so it’s not exactly a cheap addition. But as you can see in the video above, it does have its merits— like the original music and sound effects from the first Star Fox game. It’s not clear if the amiibo will unlock any other content, but really, the 1993 soundtrack might be enough to justify the cost of entry on its own.