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Exit Clear

Go Behind the Scenes of ‘Star Wars’ With New 'Legacy’ Featurette

At this point, it feels like we all work for J.J. Abrams. When a new Star Wars: The Force Awakens anything is released—video, picture, character history detail, even just a slight helmet change, really—we all drop what we’re doing to pay attention. Well, here’s the new “Legacy” featurette, fresh from Brazil’s Comic Con Experience. In it, you get to see the new cast geek out about the original stars and being in the new trilogy.

“Every single person who’s come to the project has been a huge Star Wars fan,” explains producer Kathleen Kennedy. “It’s this cross-generational group of people who are bringing all of those sensibilities to the making of this movie.

Can we just elect the Star Wars franchise as president? I feel like it understands this country’s populace and the international community at large way better than any of the current candidates.

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