Thor is a massive, ultra-powerful Thunder God who’s battled more monsters than the other Avengers have ever even heard of, but he’s also the closest thing the Marvel Cinematic Universe has to a rich slacker bro, and the “Team Thor” short films are proof.

The first “Team Thor” short, from Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi, offered a simple explanation for why Thor wasn’t tangled up in the events of Captain America: Civil War: He was hanging out with his new human roommate Darryl, and no one called him. This time around, Darryl needs Thor’s share of the rent, but all Thor has are weird Asgardian coins.

Wearing trunks and some kind of weird sleeveless coat (even when he’s dressed like that one guy in your dorm who didn’t seem to own shoes, Chris Hemsworth is still hotter than all of us), Thor explains that his job is saving the world, Darryl, and if you would just look at these coins you’d see they’re worth “a gazillion human dollars,” Darryl.

It’s a great riff on a common superhero problem, and the line “I am covered in brains, and I have more brains than you” is the funniest thing any Avenger has ever said.

The rest of the new “Team Thor” short, featuring more Avengers, is avaiable on the new Doctor Strange Blu-ray. Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 3.