Those of us who grew up on Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater titles will be happy to know that the franchise’s upcoming return is going to feel like old school Tony Hawk—according to the people making it at least.

Publisher Activision today released this behind-the-scenes trailer for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, pointing out a few new features. But the biggest takeaway is the plan to make the game feel like earlier entries in the franchise, to the point that series fans should be able to pick up it up and instantly feel at home.

THPS 5 used plenty of motion capture of actual professional skaters, to help lend it as authentic a feel as a game in which you do combos that last five minutes and impossible tricks without ever touching the ground can convey. And a build-your-own-skatepark mode promises some cool ideas, as surely the gaming community is going to create some truly horrific ways to torture their virtual skaters. The number of implied viciously shattered shins in Tony Hawk games was always the best part.