Christopher Nolan makes all kind of insanely awesome movies. His newest effort, Dunkirk, looks like it’s going to be another rousing sucess for the Dark Knight director. The trailer is pretty remarkable, as a literal ticking clock soundtracks the pulse-pounding action. In a remarkable incident that might have saved the British from defeat at the hands of Nazi Germany, 400,000 men were evacuated from the beach of Dunkirk, France. Civilian boats worked hand in hand with the military to save lives and certain defeat in World War II.

Harry Styles makes his big screen debut in this film, and there isn’t a single slouch in the cast. Cillian Murphy plays a stranded soldier who is hesitant about returning to save others. Tom Hardy is a pilot that tried to help defend the stranded soldiers from the sky. Needless to say, there is a substantial amount of talented people that will be acting superbly while extremely damp.

Dunkirk opens in theaters July 21, 2017.