Just last night I poked fun at Jennifer Lopez for releasing a teaser for a music video that’s coming out in under a week. (Again, what’s the point? Do we need time to get mentally prepared for yet another rigorous dance routine and mediocre pop singing?) I still don’t completely understand the practice, but it’s a popular trend, nevertheless. And, I’m willing to admit that it can be done right.

Whereas, J. Lo’s “Booty” clip featuring Iggy Azalea teased only more of exactly what you’d expect from the title, the teaser for The Veronicas’ “You Ruin Me” promises a bit of mystery. It features the raven-haired Australian twins trying their best to appear dispassionate while standing around wearing pink tutus in what appears to be downtown Los Angeles. Oh, and there’s a guy filming them. Is he making the video, or is he in the video? Okay, it’s not exactly Fellini, but there’s some intrigue.

The full-length “You Ruin Me” comes out later this month. Regardless of whether it turns out to be a mess or a masterpiece, The Veronicas, who I just discovered today, have a long way to go before they can measure up to my favorite twin sister rocker act — who also happen to make very cool videos:

(via Billboard]