If you want your music video to have a prison break that includes a Harrier jet, you could hire Michael Bay to direct it, or you could enlist the Grand Theft Auto V community.

That’s what happened with the music video for the song “Leave,” by the band Wavves. GTA developer Rockstar ran a contest inviting players to use its Rockstar Editor to create a video for the song, and German YouTuber YeahMAP took the top spot with the above video, winning a “custom G910 Orion Spark Gaming Keyboard and a G510 Proteus Core Gaming Mouse, both laser-engraved with his Social Club ID and the Rockstar Editor logo, a prize pack of official GTAV gear and a $100 gift card for the Rockstar Warehouse,” according to Rockstar’s press release.

YeahMAP took four weeks to create the video entirely in Grand Theft Auto V, and like many of the roughly two billion videos the community is creating (including a reimagined Full House opening, the perfect sniper shot and many more), it’s pretty slick. Although the video doesn’t mention that if you bring a jet to a prison break, you’ll probably incur the wrath of the US military, which doesn’t really seem worth it in retrospect. Still a cool way to break out of prison, though.

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