You’d better believe if we’re sending you out on an all-night party mission for New Year’s Eve it’s going to be someplace steamy hot. You have an epic evening of carousing to indulge in and you can’t be tramping through snow, wind and slush for that. That’s why we’re sending you to the pride of Florida, the Magic City itself: Miami. You’re in for a legendary New Year’s Eve!3 P.M. Mondrian Hotel

(Courtesy Morgans Hotel Group)

We’re taking you all over every inch of Miami, so let’s start in South Beach by checking in at the Mondrian Hotel. Orchestrated by the famous Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, the Mondrian is one of those rare buildings that manage to be simultaneously suave and whimsical. The oversized furniture, floor-to-ceiling windows, striking floating staircase, giant pillars and jellyfish-shaped chandeliers are a decadent treat for the senses. And when you slip into the hotel’s indoor/outdoor poolside lounge and sip your handcrafted cocktail, you’ll be just as dazzled by Miami’s smart set as you are by the Mondrian’s panache.5 P.M. Rec Room

(Courtesy Rec Room)

We’re still rocking SoBe so head on over to the Gale Hotel for their downstairs bar, Rec Room. Rec Room is the best marriage of a chill underground bar and the world’s coolest 1970s wood-paneled rec room—it’s glam but comfortably so. Over 3,000 vinyl records line the walls surrounding the DJ booth and they’re not just for show. You better believe they’re getting spun.8 P.M. Swine Southern Table and Bar

(Courtesy Swine)

Right here, right now, we’re willing to declare the greatest trend to ever sweep our nation is the proliferation of upscale Southern-style barbecue joints. Every time we travel, we head straight to the best-reviewed barbecue soul restaurant and feast. Swine Southern Table and Bar is our Miami go-to. Grab an order of their 12-hour Slow Smoked Pork Shoulder and don’t forget to get some grits on the side. It’s not just their food that’s authentic. The reclaimed wood–paneled interior and bare bulbs set the perfect tone. You’ll have ample time to enjoy the atmosphere when you tackle Swine Southern’s impressive drink list and knock back a custom-created cocktail from their head bartender (dubbed Miami’s best mixologist).10 P.M. Mercadito Bar and Restaurant

(Courtesy Mercadito)

Hop in a cab and speed on over to midtown to hit up Mercadito since it’s listed as one of the best tequila bars in the country. Their impressive list of fine tequilas and mezcals has lots of delicious options to fuel you up for the rest of the evening’s adventures, but if you’re looking for a recommendation we’d suggest you sample a Margarita Helada. The Margarita is a much-maligned drink, but when made right it’s a revelation. Prepare yourself for a real come-to-Tequila experience. 11:30 P.M Fontainebleau Poolside with Pharrell and Afrojack

(“Pharrell in Glasses,” © 2013 SHADDAI used under a CC Attribution license)

The wildest party this New Year’s Eve is being rocked by Pharrell Williams and Afrojack and you’re there, dancing with some of the world’s most beautiful people under the stars, poolside at the Fontainebleau. There’s a premium open bar until midnight so you’re just going to squeeze thatin; however, you’re there for the countdown and for Pharrell Williams to bring the jams and Afrojack to drop the beats till the very wee hours of the New Year of 2014.11 A.M. Somewhere Over the Rainbow Interactive Exhibit

(Courtesy Morgans Hotel Group, photo by Sebastian Gray)

The sun’s up? Already?? You made it back to your hotel…right. Yes…this is definitely the Mondrian, but what is this glittering inflatable playground you’ve wandered into? It’s an interactive art exhibit set up on the hotel’s grounds by the Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III duo, better known as FriendsWithYou. Their project is more than “fun art,” it’s art which actively inspires joy. Bounce on inflatable eyeballs and watch the first new sun of 2014 refract from one of the giant balloon rainbow light-catchers. 2014 looks good so far.