It’s not every day that never-before heard tapes of Bob Marley live in concert are discovered. What makes such a find even cooler is that this news comes within days of what would have been the reggae legend’s 72nd birthday—February 6.

According to a Guardian report, 13 reel-to-reel tapes had been sitting in a cardboard box in a hotel in northwest London—the one where Bob Marley and his band would stay during their European tours in the 1970s. Of the 13 tapes, 10 were restored; two of the 13 were blanks, and one was too damaged to be repaired. The restoration process cost over $30,000, which is totally worth it for the possibility of giving the world more documentation of one of the fiercest live bands ever.

The tapes feature original live recordings from Marley’s concerts in London and Paris between 1974 and 1978, and were recorded on a one-of-a-kind mobile 24-track studio vehicle that the Rolling Stones lent to Marley. Nice to hear about friends helping out friends, even all those years ago.

There’s no word yet on if these tapes will ever be sold or made public, but just knowing that new live recordings of Bob Marley suddenly exist, 40 years later, is pretty damn cool.

Happy Earthstrong, Tuff Gong! #MARLEY72

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