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Exit Clear

What If News Headlines From History Were Written Today for the Internet?

Obviously the way we get information these days has changed drastically, but with so many sources for news, the companies have to figure out a way to lure you in. That’s where clickbait titles come in! If it’s not sensationalized and filled with hyperbole you’re probably going to go somewhere else. But what if those historic headlines were rewritten today for the Internet? They’d probably look something like this.

1. REAL LIFE (1969):

03 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): You Would Think Landing On The Moon Would Be Enough, But What These Astronauts Did Next Will Change How You Look At Moons Forever

2. REAL LIFE (1995):

02 Newspaper-headlines

INTERNET (2016): Prosecutors HATE Him Because Of This One Secret That Caused Him To Walk Free

3. REAL LIFE (1964):

01 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): 18 OMG Gifs That Perfectly Sum Up Why You Should Be Excited About The Beatles New Tour

4. REAL LIFE (1913):

04 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): Only 10’s Kids Will Remember These 14 Things That Happen When You Work In Chicago As An Introverted Child

5. REAL LIFE (1995):

05 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): He Was Gone But Now He’s Back And This One Astounding Tweet Perfectly Sums Up What It Means To Millennials

6. REAL LIFE (1958):

06 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): Watch These 21 Vine Stars React To Alaska Becoming The 49th State (#7 Had Me In Tears)

7. REAL LIFE (2000):

13 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): It Happened To Me: I Thought The Ozone Was Better But What I Found Out Made My Jaw Drop

8. REAL LIFE (1937):

08 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): 21 Mean Girls Quotes That Totally Nail How Sad We Are About The Hindenburg

9. REAL LIFE (1945):

09 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): Has Science Gone Too Far? This One New Invention Could Change Everything OMG

10. REAL LIFE (2005):

10 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): I Will Never Look At BTK Killers The Same Way Again After This Shocking WTF Confession

11. REAL LIFE (1931):

11 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): My Faith In Humanity Was Instantly Restored When These Jurors Announced Their Epic Verdict

12. REAL LIFE (2006):

12 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): What If Disney Princesses Were Reimagined As NSA Agents Listening To Our Phone Calls?

13. REAL LIFE (1948):

07 Newspaper-headlines
INTERNET (2016): In A Single Image Truman Epically Destroyed Dewey And Gave Us All The Feels

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