There’s more add-on content coming to Fallout 4, and this time it’ll hopefully be adding something that’s been sorely missing from the game’s post-apocalyptic Massachusetts: fishing.

“Far Harbor” is the name of the third expansion for Fallout 4, and unlike Automatron, which focused on a comic-like story of robots, this one feels much more authentic to the game’s Boston setting. Players venture to an extra-irradiated island that’s apparently part of a case from side character Nick Valentine’s detective agency. There’s a secret android colony, a missing young woman, and “a more feral world” thanks to all the extra rads. It also sounds like war is brewing between the local androids and their atom bomb-worshipping human neighbors.

In addition to the story, “Far Harbor” adds a bunch of side content, like smaller quests, new armor and weapons, and new bad guys. According to developer Bethesda, it’s the largest mass of land they’ve ever added to a game through DLC, so it sounds like there will be lots of people to talk to and mutants to kill when it’s released on May 19. It’s also the priciest content add-on for Fallout 4 so far, coming in at $24.99.