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Exit Clear

If NFL Quarterbacks Were On Tinder

Everyone else is on Tinder trying to hook up with somebody, so why shouldn’t your favorite NFL quarterbacks be on there as well? The only stipulation would be that their profile has to reflect their actual playing abilities on the field. Let’s see how many coaches and fans would be swiping right on these guys.

1. Jay Cutler

jay culter tinder

2. Matt Ryan

matt ryan tinder

3. Andrew Luck

andrew luck tinder

4. Johnny Manziel

johnny manziel tinder

5. Joe Flacco

joe flacco tinder

6. Eli Manning

eli manning tinder

7. Tony Romo

tony romo tinder

8. Sam Bradford

sam bradford tinder

9. Peyton Manning

peyton manning tinder

10. Geno Smith

geno smith tinder

Rob is a writer and comedian based in Louisville, KY. Follow @robfee on Twitter.

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