We all know that Christmas is only considered the most wonderful time of the year because it falls during football season. To make your NFL year as informative and enjoyable as possible, here are 25 Twitter accounts that will keep you up to date and laughing out loud all the way to the Super Bowl.

1) Adam Schefter

Adam Schefter eats, drinks, and breathes football. When you’re sleeping, he’s finding out who the Buffalo Bills are taking in the sixth round of next year’s NFL Draft. If you want all the latest info on what’s happening in the NFL, there’s no better person to follow.

2) Evan Mathis

The offensive guard for the Philadelphia Eagles is as funny as he is talented. He also trolled the sports world by making everyone jump to the conclusion that he was forcing the rookies on the team pay a $64,000 team dinner bill.

3) Chris Kluwe

If there’s anyone that’s not afraid to speak his mind about the NFL’s behavior, it’s Kluwe. He’s not afraid to say the things you didn’t think he was allowed to say. The former Vikings punter is definitely worth a follow.

4. Chad Johnson

The artist formerly known as Ocho Cinco may not be in the league anymore, but he’s still as entertaining as ever. He doesn’t take things too seriously and always makes light of situations that would probably bother other athletes.

5. NFL Memes

Want to find all the pictures you’ll be texting to your friends in one place? NFL Memes is the perfect account for you. They post a near-constant stream of hilarious pictures and jokes.

6. Jay Glazer

Glazer is the NFL Insider for Fox and is a great source for up to the minute news and updates without a bunch of unnecessary speculation.

7. Matt Ufford

The SBNation producer is a great follow since, not only does he have funny and insightful info, he also retweets some of the best sports content on the internet.

8. Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman was getting blasted by someone on Twitter about his performance in the Super Bowl and instead of responding with words, he sent them the image above and became the lord over all haters and trolls. He’s entertaining and unpredictable, to say the least.

9. Rob Fee

Rob’s NFL tweets are absolutely hilarious (as are his tweets in general), but his running jokes about Eli Manning are fantastic even if you aren’t the biggest sports fan. He’s definitely worth following.

10. Lana Berry

While Lana’s main focus is baseball, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow her during football season as well. She tweets a ton but you’ll enjoy every one of them.

11. Timothy Burke

While he conquers more than just the NFL, Timothy Burke is a sports journalist who actually knows what he’s talking about.

12. Matthew Berry

The term Fantasy Football Expert is ridiculous but if there is one person that deserves the title it is, without a doubt, Matthew Berry.

13. Boring As Heck

Last year Stefan started a hilarious project where he would jump into mock drafts and take Tim Tebow (or similarly ridiculous selection) in the first round just to watch the other guys in the room completely have a meltdown. His NFL commentary is great as well, so it’s a perfect combination.

14. Jason Mustian

Jason is behind some of the internet’s funniest tumblr accounts including Pornhub Comments on Stock Photos and TL;DR Wikipedia so the fact that he also tweets about football makes it a perfect combo of funny.

15. PFT Commenter

What’s not to like with PFT Commenter? Hilarious commentary. Hilarious articles. Hilarious screenshots. Hilarious everything.

16. John Clayton

He’s one of the most reliable sources for NFL updates and information, plus he made what may be the funniest ESPN SportsCenter commercial of all time last year.

17. Fake SportsCenter

Some of the jokes by this parody account are so spot-on, you’ll swear it was the real SportsCenter account getting a little liberal with their tweets. Of course they cover all sports but their tweets seem shine the most during the NFL season.

18. Chris Mortensen

If you’re going to follow a bunch of NFL experts and analysts, you have to add Mortensen to the list. You can see him on NFL Sunday Countdown, Monday Night Countdown, and almost any other ESPN program that talks about football. He knows what’s up.

19. Lindsey Yok

If you’re a Baltimore Raven’s fan that also has an unbridled hatred for Matt Ryan, this is the perfect account for you.

20. Faux John Madden

We aren’t the biggest fans of parody accounts, but Faux John Madden may be the exception. It’s basically evolved into a giant machine cranking out sports jokes

21. DiGiorno Pizza

Normally corporate accounts aren’t something you say is a must follow, but no other company does football like DiGiorno. Their smack talk, along with the hashtag #DiGiorNoYouDidnt is constantly entertaining and full of pop culture references so even the most casual of fans can find humor in it.

22. Rich Ohrnberger

The current San Diego offensive lineman doesn’t tweet about football a lot per se, but he gives he a hilarious first-hand account of what it’s like to play in the NFL.

23. Lydia Dominick

Sometimes it’s nice to follow a person that reports info and gives commentary, but also is a fan of your favorite team. If you’re a fan of the Buffalo Bills you probably already know Lydia, but even if you’re not, she has a great account worth checking out.

24. Ike Barinholtz

You probably know Ike from The Mindy Project or The League, but he’s also a huge Chicago Bears fan and is always reliable for a few great NFL jokes each Sunday. His sorrow after each Bears loss is also quite entertaining.

25. Jacy Catlin

If you’re tired of actual NFL updates and news, why not follow someone who makes jokes about sports that are so absurd you might not even realize the jokes are about football. He’s not your source for sports news, he’s the insider on “sprots.”