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This Frosty Beer Mug Is Actually Made of Ice

This Frosty Beer Mug Is Actually Made of Ice: nICE mug

nICE mug

What’s cooler than being a chilled beer mug straight from the freezer? Being an ice cold beer mug made of actual ice.

nICE Mug takes the ice cube mold to the next level with its ice mug molds, which you use to DIY an entire beer or shot glass. To make, fill the mold with water and freeze it for about 7 hours. Remove the mug from the freezer and then fill it with your not-nearly-cold-enough beverage of choice. When drinking, hold the mug in its clear plastic sleeve to prevent frostbite. Not really, but it certainly helps your grip. The mug should stay solid for about 30 minutes before springing a leak, so drink quickly! If you’re worried about getting your lips stuck à la Dumb and Dumber, fear not: The makers say the outside of the mug is wet to the touch, not sticky like the chair lift in the movie.

The nICE Mug starter kit (below, $30) includes two reusable molds and four holders.



(via FWx)

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