It’s official: there’s only one mod you need in Fallout 4.

Sure, there are tons of player-made alterations to the game that improve how it looks and plays, like tweaks to the menus so you know what you’re actually building when you improve armor, or the ability to make eyes across the blasted irradiated plains at Buzz Lightyear. But those mods pale in comparison to the “Ultra Immersive 4K Nicolas Cage Moon” addition created by user TheCouchSloth.

The mod improves Fallout 4 immeasurably while also perfectly encapsulating the many facets of the Wasteland. It is the grinning face of insanity, turning upon the last remnants of humanity with malevolent glee; it is the shining beacon of hope, the reminder that anything is possible and that human greatness may yet be achieved again; it is the hammy, scenery chewing reminder not to take life too seriously and have a laugh now and then.

It is, in essence, the perfect Fallout 4 mod, and you can download it here. Nothing else matters. You can go home, modders—your work is done.