Nick Offerman, a man who gained national fame for saying things like “turkey can never beat cow” and “fish meat is practically a vegetable,” is taking his love of beef to a new professional level.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Offerman is set to play Dick McDonald, one of the two brothers who founded McDonald’s, in John Lee Hancock’s film The Founder, which’ll hit theaters in late 2016. Offerman will play the “control freak” co-founder of the world’s biggest burger restaurant who gives in to pressure from his brother to allow more control of the business to Ray Kroc, who eventually forced the McDonald brothers out and turned McDonald’s into an international superfranchise. And to make the movie even more interesting, Kroc will be played by Michael Keaton, fresh off his triumph in Birdman.

So, Offerman will go from playing meat enthusiast Ron Swanson to playing meat enthusiast Dick McDonald. We can only hope the role comes with extended monologues extolling the virtues of good American beef.