Nicki Minaj won the “Fashion Rebel” award at The Daily Front Row’s Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday, and she used her acceptance speech to encourage other women. “I want to say congratulations to all the girls in this world who are strong, who are confident… And yes, we have insecure moments, and that’s OK.”

She continued, “It takes guts, it takes balls to be able to lose and to fail and to make mistakes in the public eye, and to read shitty comments about yourself every fucking day and to still have a beautiful fucking smile on your fucking face.” She urged the audience, “Keep on doing it. Keep on killing it.”

In an interview with The Daily Front Row last week, the 34-year-old rapper talked about how her style has evolved. “I realize now that I’m not going to look like a model on the catwalk, and that’s fine. I don’t have to. I love where I am. I’m going to support the girls who are on the catwalk, because guess what, they support me. It’s not about not liking them because of the way they look. They are drop-dead gorgeous. I’m obsessed with how Jourdan Dunn and Bella Hadid look! They in turn show me the same kind of support. I’m more at a place where I say, Hey, look! I actually love all things fashion, but I am a little bit different. I’m going to represent a different girl and that’s okay. I’m not the anti-anybody. I’m just the Nicki Minaj.”

In honor of Minaj’s Fashion Rebel award, here are a few pics that show off her personal style:

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