You could say MTV and Nicki Minaj are probably not friends anymore.

The 2015 MTV Video Music Award nominations were announced Tuesday and well, Nicki wasn’t exactly feeling them. Her world-stopping music video “Anaconda” that has almost 500,000,000 views and counting on YouTube failed to make the cut for both the Video of the Year race and Best Choreography. And “Feeling Myself” with Beyonce (you know, the music video you couldn’t watch because it was on Tidal) was also snubbed from nominations.

And cue the not-so-happy tweets. And Instagram posts.

And cue the sub-tweet, potentially directed at Taylor Swift, who got nominated for Video of The Year for her celeb-infused “Bad Blood” music video.

SinceTaylor is on a roll defeating Apple and just being a badass in general this year, she didn’t let the tweet slide.

Pistols have been drawn, ladies. Also, let’s not forget that Nicki wasn’t completely snubbed by MTV. “Anaconda” was still nominated for Best Female Video and Best Hip Hop video.

May the best pop star win.

Oh and Katy Perry jumped in. Confused as to why? This Buzzfeed article will take 30 minutes of your life away but it explains everything.


Call off the troops, everybody. Taylor Swift has just apologized to Nicki Minaj for all of the above.

Was any of this even real? What just happened? Are we in the movie Mean Girls? Is Taylor Swift Regina George? Also, praying they REALLY take up Aaron Paul on this generous offer.