Who would have thought that the former hot lead singer from the Pussy Cat Dolls is a real-life Katniss Everdeen? In a recent episode of NBC’s new show ‘I Can Do That’, Nicole Scherzinger, along with her partner, actor/comedian Jeff Dye, showed off her skills with a bow and arrow. I must say, I’m thoroughly impressed. Check it out:

I don’t know what she’s more skilled at: shooting things with a crossbow, or wearing that dress. Can you be better than perfect at either? Just in case that wasn’t enough for you, someone out there in the land of the Interwebs did us all a huge favor and created this gif.

Now, we can watch her do the splits for 10 hours straight with no hands! Wait, that sounded creepier than I wanted it to. Quickly, here are some more pictures of Nicole looking hot to distract you!

Me, @jeffdye, some crossbows and a mullet…let’s do this! 💪🏽🎯 #bullseye #icandothat

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Double 0 keepin it 💯😉🎯 Who watched #ICanDoThat tonight?? @jeffdye @nbcicandothat

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#ICanDoThat @nbcicandothat @joejonas

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