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Nicolette Shea was playing online poker when she decided to Google “how to become a Playboy model,” which led her to an open casting call in Dallas during Super Bowl weekend. The rest, as they say, is history for the Cyber Girl of the Month who describes herself as free-spirited, opinionated, an animal lover and a beach-goer. Be sure to check out her pictorial.

Sara Calderon: What qualities do you require in a man?Nicolette: **I’m attracted to confidence and I like someone who is tall and has a presence, and someone who can make me laugh because that’s the most important thing to me.**

Jeff Prindle: How were you discovered by Playboy?*Nicolette: *I went to an open casting call in Dallas during the Super Bowl. I was shot by Rick Moore. I was so nervous but once I got there I just felt like there was nothing to be nervous about. Everyone made me feel so comfortable and I was just blown away by how nice everyone was. I really wasn’t expecting that at all because it was my first time being in front of a camera, professionally shot. It was an awesome experience.

Joseph Fraizer: What’s your ultimate life goal?*Nicolette: *Well, I’m working on Real Modes Reach Out, which is a charity, and I’d really love to get all the girls together and travel around the country. But my ultimate life goal would be to design my own lingerie and open a lingerie shop. I want it to be unique for women who are big breasted.

Justin Sheba: What other stuff do you like to do outside of modeling?Nicolette: **I love to play poker and I really enjoy spokesmodeling as well. I want to be a positive role model for kids. I love hanging out with my friends and I love to travel and meet new people. I feel like that’s what led me to that casting call.**

Geno Badie: What’s your Halloween costume going to be this year?Nicolette: I really would love to be a princess. I want to be a princess with a tiara and a really tight corset in a baby blue color.

Alex Kalashnikov: Who’s your favorite band?*Nicolette: *That’s really hard because I love so much music. I like many different genres. Deadmau5 and Skrillex are two of my favorites, so is Swedish House Mafia. I really like techno and house music and going to those types of music festivals.

Jerome Zangl: Since you live in Sin City, what do you like the most about Vegas and would you want to live anywhere else?Nicolette: **I want to live on the beach, basically anywhere on the coast. Las Vegas would be perfect if it was not as dry and had a better climate. That would be the ultimate situation. But I’d like to live in a place like Ibiza. What I like most about Vegas is that you can do anything at anytime. Everything is open late. Especially playing poker, I like to play at all different hours.**

Tony Brummett: What’s your idea of a good first date to get to know someone else?Nicolette: **Well, living in Las Vegas there’s many options for a fantastic first date. The Venetian hotel and casino has these gondola rides that go around the casino, which is really cool. There’s also the rides atop the Stratosphere, which are completely insane. But I would say that nothing has to be too difficult. I’m pretty easygoing. I’m very simple. As long as someone can make laugh, I’m not too picky as far as the date goes. I like simple, romantic things. Anything that revolves around spending quality time. I don’t want it to be planned out. It can be spur of the moment and spontaneous. My idea of a perfect date is something that I wouldn’t even realize I was on a date because it would be thrilling and my heart would be beating the entire time.**

Nazeer Galawinjy: What’s your favorite cartoon show?Nicolette: It would definitely have to be Family Guy. I love that show.****

Varsha Zawar: How did you feel when facing the camera for the first time? How was the atmosphere?Nicolette: Well, going back to the casting call, I was so nervous up until the point that I actually got in front of the camera, and then everything just went away. I was thinking about it so much beforehand and once I actually did it, it was like, ‘what was I worrying about?’****

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