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Go to Bed with NIGHT : SHIFT x Playboy

Go to Bed with NIGHT : SHIFT x Playboy :

Bedding is personal. You want your bed to be a place where you want to be – and a place a select group of others want to be, too. Which is why the Target bedspread you got freshman year probably isn’t cutting it anymore. (Also, just imagine if you took a blacklight to that thing.)

It also doesn’t need to be too serious. Enter NIGHT : SHIFT, a home décor brand that seamlessly brings counter-culture influences into their designs. We’re obviously kind of biased: Their most recent collection is Playboy-inspired and showcases the famed bunny with just the right amount of playfulness and irony.

Watch the teaser video featuring Playmate Carly Lauren right here.

And check out the products below. The collection’s available at Zumiez stores and online here.

001 playboy-night-shift-bedding
002 playboy-night-shift-bedding
003 playboy-night-shift-bedding

Photography by Mat Abad

Follow: @nightshiftgoods | @misscarlylauren

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