These days, you can make just about anything with 3D printing. The weed garden of your dreams? Sure thing. Anti-gravity whiskey glass? Of course. A vibrator shaped like your head? No doubt.

With all that, it comes as no surprise that Nike Chief Operating Officer Eric Sprunk thinks it won’t be long before sneakerheads are 3D printing kicks at home. Speaking at the GeekWire Summit, Sprunk expressed his view that the days of a machine spitting out your kicks from the comfort of your couch are drawing near.

“Do I envision a future where we might still own the file from an IP perspective — you can’t just have anyone making a Nike product — and have it manufactured in your own home or we do it for you at our store?” Sprunk said. “Yeah, that’s not that far away.”

So you’ll be able to get 3D-printed Nikes, but don’t for one second think that the Swoosh won’t be getting its cut.

Nike is no stranger to the 3D printing process, having used it for both prototypes and production models, including football cleats.

You can see Sprunk’s entire talk below.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.