In the early 2000s, Nike’s fledgling SB division in many ways created the hyped sneaker by reissuing a version of the Dunk designed for skateboarding. For Nike’s second entry into the famously insular world of skating, the mega corporation learned from its previous mistakes and released colorways in extremely limited quantities. The first batch was designed around the members of its skate team, which was made up of underground core skaters as opposed to X Games superstars, and included the orange, blue and white Dunk for New York City skater Danny Supa. The shoes are now extremely rare, but may not be for long.

In a Facebook Live interview with the Ride Channel, Supa revealed that he recently re-signed a two-year contract with Nike and that the company planned to rerelease a version of the iconic Dunk. While there are no official details from Nike about the sneaker, 2017 would mark the 15th anniversary of the original 2002 release, so marking the occasion in some form makes sense.

The original is so rare that there are no pairs for sale at poopular resale sites Flight Club or Stadium Goods. A size 12 pair is currently going for $900 on eBay.

To understand why Supa continues to be so revered among skateboarders (and not just for his sneakers), check out the clip below.

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