Miss May 2012 Nikki Leigh has been making moves prior to and ever since her pictorial in Playboy. Her new film, a provocative tale of two couples entitled Open Marriage, premieres tomorrow on the Lifetime Network.

In film, Leigh has acted alongside comedy legends of a couple different eras—including Kevin Hart in The Wedding Ringer and Steve Guttenberg in this year’s Turkey-based comedy Ay Lav Yu Tuu. Between acting gigs, she does her very own YouTube videos, continues to model and feeds her hunger for world travel. (Oh, and she graduated California State University in Fullerton with honors for her degree in sociology.)

We had the pleasure of talking to Nikki about the new movie, the Playboy photo shoot and, most important, what kind of cheesecake she prefers.

What does Open Marriage have to say about, well, open marriage? Good or bad?
To me, it seems more of a way to show how it can be both a benefit to some couples and not the right thing for others. I believe in “to each their own,” so it’s nice to get a sense of both sides.

Are there ways you relate to Becca?
I relate to some of Becca’s reserved attitude and her determination to trying new things in order to make something you want to make happen, happen. She has a lot of strength. I feel you have to in order to be open to trying new things.

What’s the hardest role you’ve taken on?
The hardest role I have had to play so far didn’t come from the character itself, but this past fall season I was in Turkey filming a movie. I had to do the lead role in the Turkish language. I flew to Istanbul not knowing that I was going to have to act in a foreign language—let alone learn it. But I did, and it was a beautiful accomplishment.

What do you remember about your Playmate photo shoot?
I remember that while I was shooting, in the studio just down the hall a Disney thing was shooting. Everyone I worked with I loved and felt comfortable around, and I remember one time I had to go get something from somewhere outside the shoot. I forgot I wasn’t fully clothed and walked out of our reserved space. People in the crew started to run after me to save me from scarring the Disney kids for life. Whoops!

What’s your fondest memory from The Wedding Ringer?
I shot with them for a week and a half. They were all night shoots, shooting from 6pm to 6am. I really loved the night that we shot the van scene. Most, if not all the main actors in the film were comedians so it was a hilarious night being stuck in a van with those characters.

It says in your pictorial that you have traveled everywhere. what are some of your favorite cities?
My favorite cities are Amsterdam, Bangkok, Florence and Mykonos. Five years ago I had only been to Florence and Barcelona out of that list, and that was only because I was studying abroad at the time. More recently, I have been able to visit cities I have agendas for and more intentional reasons to go.

The pictorial also says that you are a fan of cheesecake. Are you a purist or do you have a favorite kind?
Purist! But sometimes I like a little flavor drizzled on top.

Is there a certain genre of movie you have always wanted to act in?
Action! I see myself playing a superhero!

What are you most looking forward to in 2017?
I’m just looking forward to all the things I shot last year coming out for people to enjoy. That starts tomorrow with Open Marriage and then after that I will have two more movies and a TV show. I suppose I am most excited to have people get to know me as an actress!

Open Marriage premieres Saturday, January 14 on the Lifetime Network. More info here.