Had she not posed for Playboy, Nikki Mitchell said she’d probably be uptight, shy and more serious than she already is. Thank goodness she found us. Nikki was brave enough to submit her own pictures to Playboy two days after she turned 18 and ever since she’s posed for Playboy’s Fresh Faces, Playboy’s All Naturals and currently as a Cyber Girl. Now Nikki is here to answer an array of questions from Playboy’s Facebook fans. (Don’t forget to check out her Cyber Girl Xtra pictorial and video, too!)

Nickolas Sweeney: What kind of man are you attracted to?Nikki: I’ve always been really attracted to the complete opposite of myself because I’m more shy and not really crazy or wild. I’ve always been attracted to someone who is just covered in tattoos—not a bad boy—but really rough on the outside but very sweet on the inside. Like a Travis Barker look.

Richard Fryar: Where do you see yourself five years from now? Ten years from now?Nikki: Five years from now I’d like to be finished with school. I’d like to be done with nursing and be an RN working in labor and delivery. Now for some reason if I were to become a Playmate, I’d love for that to happen and to be traveling all over the country. In 10 years I would like to be married and have a family. I want three kids, maybe another dog—I have a Chihuahua right now—and one of my biggest dreams is to start a no-kill animal shelter.

Tearence Morrow: What’s your favorite video game or movie?Nikki: Well I’ve never really played a video game—besides Guitar Hero, which I played with my brother—but my favorite movie would probably be Transformers. I love all the Transformers *films. I also like anything action and anything funny. I just saw *Just Go With It, the new Adam Sandler movie and I really liked that a lot.

Christopher Lynch: Was Playboy something you always wanted to do or something that just came about?Nikki: I always wanted to do it since I was 13. I found this Playboy at my best friend’s house. Her dad had a subscription. I was flipping through it and I remember going home and telling my mom I wanted to be this girl (in the magazine) so bad. She thought I was crazy and at 13 she didn’t think anything of it. Then two days after I turned 18, I submitted my pictures into Playboy just to see what would happen and then they called me and I did All Naturals and Fresh Faces and it just went from there. But I’ve always wanted to do Playboy.

Derrick Gentry: What’s your favorite ice cream?Nikki: My favorite ice cream is Cherry Cordial by Homemade Brand ice cream here in Ohio.

Tanya Marie Willis-bourgo: If you could pose for a Playboy centerfold with a Playmate, who would you want to do the photo shoot with?Nikki: With a Playmate I would have to say Jaime Edmondson. She’s one of my really good friends so I know it would be a really fun shoot because we always have so much fun together. I would feel the most comfortable with her, for sure, so the pictures would turn out better. She’s my favorite Playmate.

Wes Williams: Can you cook?Nikki: I do, I love to cook! Growing up my family always cooked so always told myself that when I got older I would cook and not eat out so much. I really like to cook but I like to bake more. I like to bake cupcakes and cookies and fun little stuff.

Hetterich Edwards: What makes you feel sexy?Nikki: Really, just when I’m the most comfortable. It’s not when I’m in lingerie or anything like that. It’s really when I’m in jeans and a t-shirt. To me, when I’m comfortable is when I feel the most sexy.

Jake The Animal Thomas Hawkins: What would you be doing if you hadn’t posed for Playboy?Nikki: I would probably be going to school a lot more than I have the past few years. I went part-time just to see where things went with Playboy. I would probably be further along than I am with nursing. I feel like Playboy has completely changed my life for the better. It made me more confident with myself and I learned how to not be so uptight because I was always really shy growing up. So I feel like it’s definitely helped me as a person.

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