Fresh off the release of its first-ever mobile game, Miitomo, on smartphones and tablets, Nintendo has just announced two more titles that’ll be available on mobile devices.

Nintendo issued a press release stating new editions of its Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing games will soon be available on your phone. Up to this year, Nintendo has refused to release new games on anything other than Nintendo-made devices like the Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. That’s apparently changing with these two series. Fire Emblem, which is a strategy game series, saw its latest 3DS title, Fire Emblem Fates, this year. The latest big Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, came out for 3DS in 2012 and has players acting as mayor of a town of anthropomorphic animals.

It would appear that Nintendo’s social network-like Miitomo, in which users create Nintendo “Mii” avatars, share content and make friends, is pretty popular. The two new games, on the other hand, should be much more like, uh, video games. They’ll also offer some kind of connectivity with the most recent games in the two series, Nintendo said, although exactly how they’ll connect or what they’ll offer hasn’t been specified yet. In any case, don’t expect to get 3DS games ported to phones, although the mobile games will be “more accessible” than their 3DS counterparts, apparently.

Nintendo was standoffish about the idea of releasing games for devices like Apple’s iPhone for years, despite everyone asking for them to make the leap. Now it seems Nintendo figured out that, yes, they will indeed make a ton of money if they put games on smartphones.

Via Polygon