Considered one of the greatest games ever made, Nintendo’s 1994 classic Super Metroid is a game about exploring a vast, maze-like alien planet. It was already pretty dense and confusing, and then one enterprising player went and made it even more alien.

Metroid player SMILEuser96 created a hack of the original game that literally upends Nintendo’s intricate game world, flipping it 90 degrees. That means all the game’s long hallways are now vertical shafts, creating what’s basically a giant underground mine. Meanwhile, player character Samus and all the enemies are oriented correctly, meaning you’ll have to figure out how to climb through the game while fighting all its various deadly aliens.

According to SMILEuser96, the game has been tested and is beatable (you can use Samus’s wall-jumping ability to scale its many heights), with only a few places where unlucky players might get stuck forever, lost at the bottom of alien pits, never to be heard from again. Check out the hack right here.

Via Kotaku