Nintendo has introduced a female version of Legend of Zelda protagonist Link, one of the company’s most iconic characters. She’s named Linkle, and the best part? She gets to wear shorts, while Link is still stuck in the same skirt he’s been wearing for decades.

During its Nintendo Direct announcement presentation this week, the company announced that Linkle will join the roster of Hyrule Warriors Legends, a Nintendo 3DS game in which players take on the roles of overpowered heroes to crash through a bunch of enemies.

Linkle first showed up as concept art for the original Hyrule Warriors, a Zelda spinoff in the style of another series, Dynasty Warriors. Both games are populated with a bunch of weird characters from numerous Zelda games—you’ve got Linkle, as well as a cartoon version of Link from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and a host of other characters from all over the franchise. So this isn’t quite the step many Zelda fans would like to see, with an actual series entry helmed by a female lead character, but it is cool to see Nintendo’s willingness to imagine its characters in some different ways. Plus, dual crossbows are pretty badass.

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