Just in case you weren’t getting your fix of awkward things to imagine about fictional characters, here comes Nintendo with a Snapchat account.

Snapchat is a favorite platform for a certain kind of sensitive photo. It’s also popular with the kids these days for, you know, largely the same reason, probably.

Meanwhile, the company behind Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and those “Amiibo” things announced on Twitter this week that if you want more Nintendo and you’re not receiving enough by already following the Twitter account, you can friend the company on Snapchat as well.

So far there hasn’t been much that’s too fascinating on Nintendo of America’s account—just a note about the release of the Wii U game Splatoon and a reference to Nintendo’s E3 plans for next month.

Also, this weird squid thing.

But snark about new media marketing aside, fans hoping to learn the latest about Nintendo might want to consider becoming Snapchat friends with the house the Italian plumber built. With E3 just around the corner and Snapchat’s limited-time viewing features, it’s likely Nintendo will use it to tease some of its bigger announcements, or even give die-hard fans sneak peeks.

Or maybe Nintendo will just use Snapchat to create provocative reveal photos for its new Amiibo. We know they have a sense of humor, especially since they released this amazing video ahead of their E3 event. Fingers crossed it’s just weird photos of Mario making intense eye contact with the camera that all cut off just at the waist.