You like video games and have for a long time—so what you really want are shoes you can wear with Super Mario Bros. designs on them, right?

Nintendo and Vans have teamed up to put characters and imagery from popular Nintendo franchises on a variety of sneakers. We’re not talking one or two designs here. There are like 12 different kinds of Nintendo shoes you can soon buy. And while some are a little goofy (looking at you, ridiculous Super Mario Bros. shoe), several of the designs are actually pretty slick.

As Sole Collector reports, citing European shoe seller 43 Einhalb, the shoes feature mostly old-school designs from back in Nintendo’s 8-bit days, circa 1985. You can get shoes with images from the original Legend of Zelda, shoes that look like a Nintendo Entertainment System controller, shoes that feature the pixely ducks from Duck Hunt, and a whole mess of Mario shoes. A few of the designs use the old Nintendo images in cool ways—the NES controller Vans in particular actually look like something everyday humans would enjoy wearing.

Vans’ Nintendo-themed shoes are expected to launch with a bunch of designs in June.