Nintendo is going to make some feature-length animated films. That’s happening.

So said Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima in an interview with Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun. Kimishima also confirmed that Nintendo will focus on animation, whether hand-drawn or computer-generated, and is going to stay away from live-action content. And that’s specifically because of the general “WTF is this” disdain that surrounds the 1993 a Super Mario Bros. movie.

Kimishima hasn’t said just what Nintendo will be creating when it gets into motion pictures, or whether and which games will be leveraged to that end. But the company has gotten up to these sorts of things before, with the combination live action and animated Super Mario Bros. Super Show, and even just recently with that little Star Fox cartoon. And the internet got excited about rumors of a Netflix adaptation of The Legend of Zelda last year, although Nintendo already crushed millions of dreams by denying them.

And while Nintendo disparaged the Super Mario movie that starred Bob Hoskins, John Leguizamo and Dennis Hopper, here’s hoping the company picks something equally as weird for their next project. Like [Donkey Kong Country, a game about a gorilla who wears a tie](

Via Destructoid