It seems Nintendo is gearing up to retire its poor-selling, weirdly named console, the Wii U.

After about four years of fighting the dreaded Console Wars with Nerf guns while its competitors the PS4 and Xbox One roll around in tanks, it looks like Nintendo will be ceasing production on the Wii U, according to a report from Japanese newspaper Nikkei. Apparently, Nintendo is looking to make room for its next machine, codenamed “NX,” which the company still hasn’t officially debuted. It’s not that strange for a company to phase out old hardware in favor of new stuff in video games, but the report suggests Nintendo is wrapping up its current-generation machine earlier than usual.

Nintendo’s Wii U has been struggling basically since the day it was released. While the company’s previous machine, the Wii, moved more than 100 million units in its six-year life, the Wii U has only sold about 12.6 million worldwide, according to Nintendo. That’s compared to the 36 million Playstation 4s sold since it was released a year later than the Wii U, in 2013.

If the report is true, it marks the sad end of a console Nintendo had a hell of a time actually selling to players. The company struggled to sell players on the console’s giant tablet-like controller, and it didn’t help that Nintendo’s machine had weaker graphics and online support at launch than the Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Still, Nintendo had some hits, like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker.

The good news might be, if you want to play those games sometime soon, Wii Us might suddenly become a lot cheaper. We reached out to Nintendo to confirm the details here, but it sounds like they’re not sharing anything yet.

Via The Verge