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This Nissan And ‘Rogue One’ Collab Is Going To Make An Attack Run On Your Wallet

This Nissan And ‘Rogue One’ Collab Is Going To Make An Attack Run On Your Wallet:

In Los Angeles today, Nissan debuted its new special edition Rogue. This Rogue is the result of a cross promotion between Nissan and Disney for Disney’s latest Star Wars movie Rogue One. As you can see below the car shares the color scheme of our favorite egg-white bad guys. And, well, the pointy headed dudes who manned the Death Star turrets.

Asset 2 White SUV

Each car is decked out in Star Wars symbols at key points. There are emblems on the rear bumper and front door sills. Along with the car, you get a free death trooper helmet upon purchase. Just don’t drive around wearing it because you might seriously startle some other motorists.

Asset 1 Black SUV

For those of you who dream of having a speeder bike and ripping through the Oregonian wilderness to experience Endor adrenaline, keep dreaming. Until the day where hoverboard tech gets so good speeder bikes can exist, the special Nissan Rogue will have to satisfy your vehicular Star Wars desires.

Asset 3 SUV interior

As for what’s under the hood, the 2017 Rogue is powered with a 2.5-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine. You better hurry to get these while you can, as only 5,400 units will be made. The car costs around $30,000, but that’s cheaper than anything with a hyper drive.

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