Nix + Gerber from The Drawing Room on Vimeo.

Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber — the hands, eyes, and brains behind creative studio Nix + Gerber — hold a incredibly respectable reputation for making large things small, known for their diorama work. When they’re not working on advertorial projects, however, they keep at “The City.”

“The City” is the duo’s ongoing series of dioramas that are so hyper-detailed they look like shots of the real world. But it’s not the real world…yet. Nix + Gerber present a mysterious dystopian future by showcasing what a church, laundromat, mall, or art museum might look like after humans have suddenly disappeared or eventually died off. It’s haunting and so, so fun.

Watch the video above for interviews and scroll down to behold a few pieces from the radical series.

"Living Room" (2013)

“Living Room” (2013)

"Casino" (2013)

“Casino” (2013)

"Chinese Take-Out" (2013)

“Chinese Take-Out” (2013)

"Anatomy Classroom" (2012)

“Anatomy Classroom” (2012)

"Subway" (2012)

“Subway” (2012)

"Circulation Desk" (2012)

“Circulation Desk” (2012)

"Violin Repair Shop" (2011)

“Violin Repair Shop” (2011)

"Beauty Shop" (2010)

“Beauty Shop” (2010)

"Control Room" (2010)

“Control Room” (2010)

"Bar" (2009)

“Bar” (2009)

"Botanic Garden" (2008)

“Botanic Garden” (2008)

"Aquarium" (2007)

“Aquarium” (2007)

"Library" (2007)

“Library” (2007)