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Niykee Heaton Was Bored in Her Hotel Last Night So She Took Some Very Revealing Pics

A photo posted by Niykee Heaton (@niykeeheaton) on

We love talking about Niykee Heaton on Playboy for a variety of reasons. She’s an incredible singer, as proven in the many great covers and original songs she’s posted on her YouTube channel. She’s also incredibly gorgeous, as proven by her scintillating Instagram. But it turns out her Snapchat is also definitely worth following.

It appears Niykee was alone in a hotel room last night and got really bored. So she decided to do the only logical thing: she posted some pics of herself in a g-string onto Snapchat. We’re sure her male fans were very pleased.


Snapchat, Niykee Heaton


Snapchat, Niykee Heaton


Snapchat, Niykee Heaton


Snapchat, Niykee Heaton

Niykee wasn’t blaming boredom for her snaps. She had another reason for doing so:


Snapchat, Niykee Heaton

Someone please tell us when the next time Mercury is going to be in retrograde!

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