During a recent episode of Greta van Susteren’s On the Record, viewers probably noticed something a little peculiar (besides the peculiar feeling of shame that comes from watching Greta van Susteren’s show). During a live segment outside of New York’s Clinton Correctional facility, a man in a hooded jacket walked up to a wall, attached a bag to a rope, and watched as it was hoisted to the sky. As the video below demonstrates, it didn’t take long for the Internet to jump to conclusions about smuggling.

The prison is already under scrutiny for a daring inmate escape allegedly involving help from a guard. The last thing the facility wants is a brazen act of contraband smuggling caught on live television. Fortunately for everyone involved, that’s not what we’re witnessing.

In a follow up report by van Susteren, it was revealed that the incident was a “legitimate delivery,” which certainly explains the nonchalant attitude of the man involved. Also, I assume that in general, prisoners aren’t allowed on the top of the wall in broad daylight, which means the person on the receiving end is most likely an employee.

That said, when one of your employee’s has recently been charged with smuggling items to prisoners, the whole “bag on a rope” delivery method certainly looks suspect. It’s possible that safeguards are in place, and that bags going up the wall are inspected, but until the New York State Department of Corrections returns my call, I’m just going to assume that it has something extremely sinister to hide (even though it probably does not).

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