In Berlin, there’s an organic grocery store called Original Unpacked (Original Unverpackt), and it’s a big deal because the shop produces no waste—at all.

Founded by Sara Wolf and Milena Glimbovski, the store is considered to be Germany’s first supermarket without disposable packaging. Their strategy is for everything to be stocked in bulk, offered up in dispensable bins, with customers able to use nearly any refillable container they can bring from home.

The duo has a varied work history, with Wolf having previously worked for the UN and Glimbovski, a former designer, having worked for a vegan supermarket chain. They’re extremely aware and equally concerned about our planet’s environmental health, noting on their crowdfunding blog that “16 million tons of packaging end up as waste every year in Germany alone.”

The store, which looks pretty darn stylish, by the way is hopefully just the first step toward a cleaner country (and planet).

[Via NextShark/Foodbeast]