Captioning “When the crew is lit,” actress Bella Thorne introduces a few friendly, not to mention mega-famous faces to her 15.5 million Instagram followers.

The newly blond actress had an epic Sunday, posing with Snoop Dogg, French Montana, and Dave Osokow.

When the crew is lit🔥

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The party continued to Twitter, where Thorne’s 6.5 million followers were gifted this shot of Thorne with Snoop Dogg, otherwise known as “the OG homie.”

Demi Lovato was also in on Sunday’s action, as French Montana posted a video to Instagram featuring a dancing Dogg and Demi, participating in social media’s most recent craze, Montana’s the #unforgettabledancechallenge.

The hashtag, which has gone viral, is part of an initiative started by French Montana to raise awareness for the Suubi “Hope” Health Center, located in rural Uganda, which French Montana became acquainted with while filming the music video for “Unforgettable” in the country. You can donate to the cause here.

Unc made up his own vibes lol @snoopdogg @ddlovato 🤘 #unforgettabledancechallenge

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Meanwhile, Dogg, who is set to release his next album, titled “Neva Left” on May 19, and an Adidas tracksuit-clad Demi partake in quite the dance-off.

Demi wit Dogg

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By now, it goes without saying that when Thorne attends a party, she’s no fainthearted wallflower. Just last week, Thorne may have won the prize for taking home the most unique and permanent party favor, a tattoo of a smiley face, which the star received during a soiree.

New tattoo!😍 @bellathorne

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All @bellathorne’s tattoos 😻

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