If you’re looking for a challenge, you might try defeating the world’s largest game of Minesweeper, which requires you to carefully discover explosives spread across a 24-screen wall. No problem.

You remember Minesweeper—the game that came free with Windows for years, requiring players to reveal numbers that indicated how many nearby squares hid game-ending “mines”? In celebration of its 30th anniversary, display company CineMassive created the largest Minesweeper game ever, which includes 38,799 mines for players to identify on its huge screen.

The game is so tough that no one who created it has come close to finding all the mines. CineMassive has extended the challenge to the rest of the world, and you can apply on its website to be one of the lucky players to take a crack at it. So if you’ve been using Minesweeper to waste time at work for the last couple of decades, good news—your day has finally arrived.

Via Gizmodo