Remember your first cell phone? It was hilariously slow and clunky, couldn’t connect to the Internet, had big buttons instead of a smooth touchscreen, and accomplished just a few basic tasks. You really only used it to call your friends (texting? psh) and secretly play the immortal Snake in math class. Life was simpler back then.

You know who has a fondness for old-school phones like the Nokia 3310? Nokia. That’s why the Finnish telecommunications company (which still exists) is bringing back its classic model, mainly to cash in on early 2000s nostalgia, but also because it’s not a totally terrible phone. The new model still has the same iconic silhouette, but everything is a little sleeker for 2017, including a 2.4-inch curved window with a polarized layer for for better readability in sunlight.

Inside, the phone still can’t do much: There’s 2G connectivity for calling and texting, 16 megabytes of storage, a pretty lousy 2-megapixel camera with flash, FM radio and an MP3 player (!) for your tunes and of course, a color version of Snake. The battery life is the best selling point; at 22 hours of talk time, you can go at least a full day without charging up. Can you even imagine?

Of course you’re not going to buy the 3310 to use as your main phone. It’s a retro novelty, plain and simple. But at around $65, you could do far worse than picking one up as a backup burner for when you want to unplug for a while, for your mental health’s sake.

Recent research from the University of Illinois shows that constantly checking your phone is linked to anxiety and depression; when it’s a pain in the ass just to surf the web, however, you’ll feel a lot less compelled to look at your phone, and probably less stressed, too.

Ah, who are we kidding? You’ll probably pull it out even more just to play Snake.