As people continue to lose their minds over an old Nokia 3310 phone that everyone had in the ‘90s, the good people over at UK tech news site Pocket-Lint uncovered this limited-edition Gresso 3310 that looks to not only be a closer proximation of the classic phone, but a super classy one at that.

The Gresso 3310 even looks more like the original phone than the toyish color one revealed last week. It’s clad in titanium, is drop-proof up to 32 feet and sports a 3-megapixel camera. It’ll cost you, though: The Gresso 3310 runs about $3,000, and even the keypad is titanium.

It also has 32 gigabytes of built-in storage, dual-SIM capability and up to 75 hours of talk time on one battery charge. The original Nokia 3310 was also known to have virtually endless battery life. It’s a limited edition, too. They’re only making 3,310 of the phone. It’ll come in either black or pure titanium color schemes.

A Gresso spokesman focused on the titanium durability of their version, telling Pocket-Lint, “The headlines from Mobile World Congress have focused on the release of the new Nokia 3310. The question on everyone’s mind was if the new Nokia 3310 model would live up to the indestructible reputation of its 2000 predecessor.”

As for how long 3310 hype will last, I’m guessing it’ll die out just as quickly as it came, especially once people get their hands on the newest handsets from Samsung and Apple.