If you live in a bustling American city, you’ve seen it. The Birkenstocks (often accompanied by socks), the mom jeans, the freebie baseball hats given away by a financial services or healthcare company. No, these aren’t the clothes of suburban tourists who got lost looking for an Applebee’s. This is normcore.

No less of an authority than The New York Times weighed in on the trend of disavowing statement pieces in favor of completely average clothes befitting Seinfeld’s George Costanza or Elaine Benes. The look was even a street style staple during the recently wrapped New York Fashion Week.

Coincidentally, there have been a number of individuals, both real and fictional, named Norm or Norman who completely fit the normcore mold. So we decided to rank the most normcore Norms.

10. Norman Reedus

The fact that Reedus appeared in GQ knocks him down a few spots. But you can’t ignore the sleeveless flannel shirt from Walking Dead. Larry the Cable Guy would be proud.

9. Norman Bates

Bates was more preppy than normcore, but he lived in a motel, which is a preferred normcore accommodation.

8. Norman Lear

The producer of All In The Family brought the godfather of normcore, Archie Bunker, to television.

7. Norman Mailer

There’s a high possibility that, were he alive, Mailer would punch me in the face for including him on this list. But he was fond of baggy windbreakers and even appeared on Gilmore Girls.

6. Norman Schwarzkopf

Put Desert Storm aside for a moment. Look at that desert jacket. Epaulets? Sun faded fabric? Normcore.

5. Norman Rockwell

Rockwell defined normal for a generation. And check out how high the waist on those khakis is in this self-portrait. Where’s the flood?

4. Norm Macdonald

We don’t care how funny you are, it doesn’t get much more normcore than a quarter-zip mock turtleneck pullover.

3. Norman Fell

Mr. friggin’ Roper never met a dingy cardigan or a ratty old bathrobe that he didn’t like.

2. Norm Abram

The man works in a woodshop. In New England. In flannel shirts and relaxed-fit jeans.

1. Norm Peterson

The king of Norms is also the king of normcore. All together now, “Norm!!!”

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada