Taco elitists, please turn away now.

We all know that traditional tacos—"real" tacos, if you will—are served on soft tortillas. We know! But some of us still enjoy eating our tacos in the crunchy, easy-to-transport, hard shell. For those freaks, the Nostalgia Electrics Fiesta Series Taco Toaster is the perfect unitasking kitchen gadget. To use, stick a standard corn or flour soft tortilla in one of the taco forming cages and then insert the cage into the machine like you would a piece of bread into a toaster. Set the timer and in just a few minutes a crispy hard taco shell pops out, ready to be filled with ground beef, cheddar cheese and Border Sauce. Sorry, we meant carne asada, diced onions and salsa verde.

Buy it on Amazon.com for $25.

(via Gizmodo)

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