There’s something about the clickety-clack of a typewriter that makes it forever endearing. The auditory feedback you receive from each keystroke is undisputedly satisfying for writers and journalists. I can’t explain it. You instantly feel like you’re the next Carl Bernstein on some life-or-death deadline to save the world when you hop on one. And it’s because of that sound.

But who wants to deal with the actual caveman-like technology of a typewriter, since you know computers exist and stuff?

Prepare to feel nostalgic with the Lofree Keyboard, which seamlessly blends old and modern technology. You only get the cool parts about a typewriter (like touch and sound), with retro-style touches. The sleek, clean design and wireless capability to sync up to Windows, macOS, Android and iOS makes it even better.

Other perks: The keyboard is able to stay paired across three devices, the keys are backlit and are also organized in the same layout as an Apple keyboard (which is obviously only helpful for macOS users). Plus, the hues of the keyboard are cool, yet understated enough to be appropriate for the office. The product is set to cost between $75-$100.

I’m honestly just all about the mechanical switch sounds—everything else just feels like background noise.