Super cars, drones and private jets: there’s no limit to the kind of luxuries every man dreams of acquiring. In the first installment of an ongoing series we highlight some of the more elite things in life, beginning this month with megayachts. Here’s a roundup of our favorites and why we think they’re so cool.

In an industry that’s naturally extravagant, J’ade kicks it up a notch. The yacht features a hydraulic operated hatch that functions as a drive-in garage for personal speedboats—meaning guests can actually drive their speedboats right into the ship. Oh, and the space doubles as an indoor ocean pool when it’s not being used for storage. No big deal.

Designed without a specific client in mind, The Belafonte is making waves with potential buyers. The ship boasts five cabins and an owner’s suite that spans 84 square feet, it’s the outside that makes a stunning first impression. Along with mahogany rails and stainless steel detailing, the yacht’s retro bronze exterior makes it an instant standout in the water.

The Azzam has held the title of the longest megayacht since July 2013, but perhaps the most exciting feature of the megayacht is its rumored interior and high technology. Owned by the president of the United Arab Emirates, The Azzam is said to be equipped with a bulletproof master suite and missile defense. Because you never know what you may encounter on the high seas.

You may not be able to tell from its clean white exterior, but the inside of the Dubai is infused with bold colors, intricate design and detailed mosaics. The main attraction of the ship’s stunning interior is the dramatic circular staircase with glass steps that change color and allow for a visually exciting stroll between the social area and the yacht’s seven decks.