Some people are just born to be star athletes. Tiger Woods was sinking 20 foot putts before he was in kindergarten. Michael Jordan could probably dunk before high school. And we’re guessing Mike Trout was hitting home runs ever since his tee-ball days. But not everyone can be a gifted athlete. And no matter how hard they try, they sometimes just can’t become pros.

Take this girl for example. She’s trying really hard to play tennis well and it’s just not working out. Luckily there are other reasons to enjoy watching her play the sport. Take a look:

The girl in the video’s name is Elizabeth Anne Pelayo. We would normally put a bunch of pictures from her Instagram, but it looks like she’s taken it down. So we can’t help you out in that regard.

However, we do have this video of Soo Yeon Lee, a table tennis star, who also looks just as good while playing Ping Pong. Also, she’s actually really good at her sport.