Shut the barn door! XYZ PDQ!

In elementary school these were the alerts that your buddies would nicely (or not so nicely) use to give you a heads up that the zipper on your pants was down. Now, your phone can do it.

Using what it calls “invisible UI,” Austin-based R&D studio Chaotic Moon developed Noti-Fly, a technology that sends a push notification to your phone when your zipper isn’t zipped.

Even though the above video has the feel of a April Fool’s prank, the tech behind Noti-Fly is real. Conductive fabric is used on the pants and the button acts as an On-Off switch. When your button is fastened, the fabric knows that your zipper should be up and sends an alert if it is down for a certain amount of time. (If you’re the kind of person that can read a novel in the can, Noti-Fly could be annoying.)

Say goodbye to the days of trying to be discreet (but not really being discreet at all) as you check your fly. And no more wondering whether to speak up when you spy someone with his fly down because you feel uncomfortable letting that person know you’ve been looking at his junk. It’s also just reassuring to know that the best and brightest minds are working on solving these problems, instead of, you know, climate change. What a time to be alive.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.