High Times reports on 3DPonics, a new company that aims to use the efficiency of 3D printing to help urban city-dwellers grow their own marijuana as simply as possible.

The company is a brainchild of Chuck Rifici, a co-founder of Tweed, one of Canada’s premium marijuana suppliers. 3DPonics features downloadable designs for “modular gardens” that can be customized by the user for greater compatibility with whatever space is available in-home.



“The stigma surrounding marijuana is disappearing now that more and more governments, including Canada and the U.S., are recognizing that cannabis is a major contributor to palliative care, helping people who suffer from a wide variety of illnesses manage their symptoms and lead normal, productive and fulfilling lives. With our latest system, we are trying to give those people the tools they need to have cheap, open access to medical marijuana,” said Michael Golubev, CEO of 3Dponics Inc.

The systems are designed to function as other “drip-emitter” gardens do, where a steady trickle of water nourishes the budding plants. The printable pieces are designed to easily snap together and can easily be upgrade or changed based on the grower’s preferences.

Via High Times.