This morning, at offices across the country, people debated which Super Bowl 50 ad was the best and which was the worst. But while the rest of America was arguing about the merits of “Puppy, Monkey, Baby,” and “George and Weezy,” those lucky enough to reside in Omaha, Neb., knew the real worst ad didn’t have anything to do with animals or celebrities. No, the worst ad of the night involved middle-aged women having their vaginas wrecked.

For those of you who might not understand this ad from NuMale Medical Center (like this guy), I’ll break it down for you. The women in the commercial are having a hard time walking because their husbands’ went to NuMale. As a result, their husbands’ old flaccid penises are now really big and hard, so much so that they cause physical damage to their wives’ vaginas during their now-frequent sex sessions, which makes it painful for their wives to walk afterward. That’s why they need the walkers. Get it? Sore vaginas. GET IT!?!?!

Needless to say, it did not go over well.

There’s a big difference between using sex to sell something, and using sore vaginas to sell something. “Puppy, Monkey, Baby” does not look so bad now, does it?

H/T: Screen Grabber