We know cleavage is fascinating, but why is it something we obsess over everyday? Besides you know, the obvious reasons, Allure Magazine breaks our boob obsession down by the numbers. It may not completely explain why cleavage rules the world, but it at least shows everyone’s been going nuts over them since the dawn of time.

Number of years ago that Minoan women dressed in cupless coset-like garments with fabric bands that supported breasts but you know, also exposed them entirely.

This is the year when President James Madison’s wife, Dolly Madison, got in a bit of trouble for wearing revealing low-cut gowns to events, including her husband’s big inauguration. It didn’t help that she was raised a Quaker, either.

The number of scenes the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (also known as the Hays Office) decided to cut from The Outlaw, a 1943 film starring Jane Russell’s cleavage. What a shame.

Jane Russel in

Jane Russel in ‘Outlaw’

Year the Hays Office coined the term “cleavage” to describe décolletage. How beautiful.

The decade that made underwire bras a thing (goodbye, cone bras of the ‘40s). The end of World War II freed up the use of metal for other things, like bras. Lower necklines also became a trend. See guys? You owe the '50s a lot.

The estimated age of a padded bra found at a London science museum. It’s the world’s oldest known push-up bra.


Victoria’s Secret Angels

Number of 'Wonderbras’ sold every 15 seconds in the U.S. and Europe in 1994, making it official that every guy who unhooked your bra from there on out would be thoroughly confused.

How much push-up bra sales increased in percentage in America in 1994. Playtex and Victoria’s Secret were already making their own.

The year J.Lo stopped traffic at the Grammy Awards when she showed up in a Versace dress that hung down to her navel. This is the same event that also led Google to come up with Google Image search. Bless you, J.Lo.

The year everyone got to new New York senator Hillary Clinton’s cleavage. Clinton showed up on the Senate floor with a V-neck top under a suit in 2007, and it left everyone talking.

Days later that Clinton’s presidential campaign sent an email to supporters with the subject line as “Cleavage.” There was no messing around there.

Christina Hendricks in

Christina Hendricks in ‘Mad Men’

The whopping price of the diamond bracelet that our favorite bodacious Mad Men star Christina Hendricks stashed in her cleavage during the 2011 Golden Globes after almost losing it. Great storing place if you ask me.

How much Julia Roberts paid for the custom-made silicone push-up bra and matching panties that she toted in Erin Brockovich.

Year when two Cincinnati high school students made national news for being sent home from their prom because the “ "curvature of their breasts were showing.”

Well, it might be a mandatory requirement to show your cleavage off at Hooters

Well, it might be a mandatory requirement to show your cleavage off at Hooters

Times more that waitresses in New York are told by their managers to show off more cleavage than compared to fellow waitresses in California, according to a 2014 study of American restaurant workers.

How much a Canadian judge ordered Google to pay a woman after they exposed her cleavage in a Street View image taken of her home for Google Maps.

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